KONSTAT s.r.o. is specialized structural design office concerned especially with steel strucures. In this part of structures it offers all services related to design of new structures and modification of existing structures.  Beside the steel structures the company is concerned also with timber, aluminium, membrane, glass and laminate structures.

The services contains especially:

  • studies and conceptual design
  • static and dynamic calculations
  • fire resistence calculation
  • documentaion of all levels
  • detail drawings
  • shop drawings
  • inspections and reports of existing structures
  • consulting
  • development, research and experimental testing
  • expert witness reports

The services are available for all kind of structures, especially:

  • civil engineering and industrial structures
  • halls, canopy roofs, terraces
  • bridges
  • tanks, silos, stacks
  • masts, chimneys
  • load bearing structures for technological equipment
  • duct lines
  • craneways, load bearing structures for machines
  • scaffolds and assembly plattforms
  • waterworks facilities
  • roof and walls cladding and their load bearing structures
  • extraordinery and special structures such as for theatre, advertising, zoo, artistic equpiment

KONSTAT s.r.o. company is the external expert workplace for the trapezoidal sheets manufacturer – CB Profil, a.s. company. We ensure expert development, process tools for sheet design and design the sheets for particular structures.

Beside meeting the basic criteria for safety and functionality KONSTAT s.r.o. company put strong emphasis on effectivity of design, material demands, eliminating of manufacturing difficulties and regards aslo the aesthetical side of structures design. Therefore the company succesfully solves optimization and modification of the already designed structures according to the customers´, architects´ and manufacturers´ specific requests.

We mostly employ the finite elements method (FEM) for structures calculation through the Dlubal software which is being used for static and dynamic calculations. IDEA StatiCa software is being used for details and joints calculation. The design and drawing process often uses builiding information modelling (BIM) and 3D model of the structure through Autodesk software such as Advance Steel.

Scope of work contains also special services such as structure optimization with respect to the advanced fire protection solution.

Konstat s.r.o. company is also judicial expert witness bureau according to the law nr. 254/2019 Sb. in field: Building industry, branch: Load bearing structures: specialisation: Static – steel structures and in field: Designing, branch: Static and dynamic of structures, specialisation: Steel structures.

Except the services mentioned above our company ensures also similar services such as:

  • design and documentaion of the concrete structures
  • other  documentations
  • measurement
  • diagnostic (ultrasound measurement of the thickness, coat thickness measurement, corrosion measurement, UAS visual monitoring)
  • laboratory tests
  • analysis of corrosion protection and surface treatment
  • manufacturing of the steel structures and cladding

These services are being provided by our co-operating partners (specialists) allowing the offer of full service for customers and concurently it allows us to be highly specialized in our scope of work, in steel structures and above mentioned branches.